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Indianapolis Colt DT Ed Johnson charged with drug possession

He was released from jail, but won’t play in this coming Sunday’s game. From AP-

INDIANAPOLIS — Indianapolis Colts starting defensive tackle Ed Johnson was arrested early Wednesday on a drug possession charge.

Colts president Bill Polian said the team was still gathering facts about the case before determining how it will discipline Johnson, but Johnson will not play Sunday at Minnesota.

“He will not play this week, for sure,” coach Tony Dungy said.

Polian said Johnson was stopped for speeding between midnight and 1 a.m. on Interstate 465 just north of Indianapolis. Police also charged him with marijuana possession.

He later was released on bond from the Hamilton County Jail.

Johnson was temporarily expelled from Penn State in 2005 for violating the school policy on sexual misconduct and confining another student against the student’s will. He was reinstated in 2006, but later suspended for the Outback Bowl for violating team rules.

Sounds to me as if Johnson hasn’t grown up yet. Maybe this will wake this football player up, but I doubt it.

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