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LPGA Commissioner Carolyn Bivens speaks

She answered questions from the golf media yesterday about the tour’s recently rescinded penalties for players who don’t speak enough English. First we’ll start with Golf Week’s Beth Ann Baldry-

GW: If that’s the case, then why did you change the policy?
CB: It isn’t a policy. It’s a program. What we did was rescind the playing suspension.

Golfweek: Can you take me through last week and how you went from Tuesday’s memo to Friday’s memo?
Carolyn Bivens: What we said in the policy was that we listened to the feedback.

First the Commisioner says it is a program not a policy. Then Bivens calls it a policy. Get me some dramamine fast. I’m feeling seasick.

The fun isn’t over yet.

GW: Looking back on the way everything developed, is there anything you would do differently? Is there anything the LPGA has learned from this?
CB: We learn from everything.

GW: Would you care to expand on that?
CB: The only thing I would expand on there is that this was not an announcement and it was not a policy. Unfortunately that is the way that it was portrayed.

The only mistake the Commish sees is that the dumb headed idea wasn’t properly presented by others. How about you Carolyn not going on vacation and letting Golfweek instead break the news rather than the LPGA Tour? I can think of a few other mistakes made but I’m guessing you’ll never fess up to them.

GW: Looking back on it now, do you wish you have discussed the penalty portion with more sponsors or . . .
CB: Sponsors never want to be part of these decisions.

What was it State Farm said a week ago about not liking the LPGA not communicating to them about the new policy or program or what ever and asking for their feedback.

The spewing of nonsense from Carolyn Bivens isn’t done yet. Compare what she said to Golfweek, and what Tommy Hicks reports for a Alabama newspaper.

She said the meeting was meant to address those issues, as well as issues that would assist players in marketing, communication and competition, but what was highlighted “was about 10 percent” of what was discussed. “We were addressing sponsors’ needs and requirements.”

LOL Bivens contradicts what she told Golfweek. Is this woman lying or out right unbalanced? In either case, Carolyn Bivens has no business running a professional sports organization. The LPGA would be wise to dump their commissioner and the sooner the better.

Hat tip- Ryan at Waggle room. I suggest all my readers read what Ryan has to say.

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