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Rams bench QB Marc Bulger for Trent Green

Can we start the Green concussion watch already? From ESPN-

Pressured to shake up an offense that ranked 31st in the league, Rams coach Scott Linehan benched Marc Bulger on Tuesday and has given the starting job to Trent Green.

Linehan made the announcement with a one-sentence statement Tuesday. He won’t comment until his usual press conference Tuesday afternoon.

Bulger completed only 52 of 89 attempts for 519 yards in this first three games, but pass protection has been the big problem. He’s been sacked 11 times. Bulger is only 19 games into a six-year, $65.1 million contract signed in the summer of 2007.

Green, 38, is in his second tour of duty with the Rams. He was with the Rams in 1999 and 2000 before making stops in Kansas City and Miami.

The author of the article, John Clayton, makes no mention of the fact that Green’s last two seasons in the NFL were either derailed or ended by concussions. Even before his season ending concussion in 2007, Green looked scared as he quarterbacked the Miami Dolphins. If Bulger can’t be protected by the Ram offensive line, Green is going to be even more problematical.

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