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St. Louis Blues Defensemen injured in golf cart accident

Is September 2008 the month for bizarre sports injuries. From AP-

St. Louis Blues defenseman Erik Johnson will miss the first three days of training camp because of a knee injury sustained in a golf course accident.

Johnson, the Blues’ top draft pick pick in 2006, was trying to stop his golf cart on Tuesday when he jammed his right foot between the accelerator and brake and felt pain in his right knee, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

While Johnson was able to finish the round, he noticed swelling in the knee on Tuesday night, according to the report. The swelling got worse on Wednesday, but an initial MRI exam was inconclusive and a follow-up MRI exam is expected Sunday or Monday, the Blues said.

Who knew driving golf carts could be dangerous to a hockey player’s knee or a dugout bench in baseball a potential hazard to a MLB pitcher? I didn’t till my discharge from the hospital three weeks ago. Maybe those pain killers I took are still causing hallucinations.

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