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Tampa Bay Bucs CB Elbert Mack suspended for one game

It is for a helmet to helmet hit in last Sunday’s game against Atlanta. From AP-

Tampa Bay Buccaneers rookie cornerback Elbert Mack was suspended one game without pay by the NFL on Tuesday for a helmet-to-helmet hit on Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan.

The league said the flagrant violation of player safety rules was the second in three games for the undrafted free agent, who was fined $5,000 for an unnecessary roughness foul against Houston Texans quarterback Alex Brink during the Bucs’ preseason finale Aug. 28.

The hit against Ryan occurred Sunday when the NFL said Mack unnecessarily launched himself into the rookie quarterback and made helmet-to-helmet contact during an interception return play.

I haven’t seen a video of the play in question, but I’m hazarding a guess that the hit was pretty flagrant. Accidnetal contact shouldn’t lead to suspensions, but the NFL fines or penalizes players for end zone celebrations. What ever happened to the days of Billy ‘White Shoes’ Johnson?

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