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Weekly Miami Dolphins prediction

Today marks the first Sunday of the 2008 NFL football season. The Miami Dolphins play host to the New York Jets. Both teams I either root for now or in the past. I grew up in New York before moving to Florida in 1976.

Both teams were dreadful in 2007, Miami(1-15) and New York(4-12), and are presently re-building. Both teams are fielding new Quarterbacks too. Bret Favre for the Jets and Chad Pennington for Miami. Today will also mark Tony Sparano’s of the Dolphins regular season debut as an NFL head coach.

I was 15-1 predicting Miami(11-5 in 2006) to win or lose last year. My only mistake being to pick them to win against Cleveland. 2008 will be a better year for fins fans, but how much? I safely think they can win 4 or 5 games. More is possible because the schedule is weak, but Miami on the other hand has too many gaping holes still.

If Miami doesn’t win today, their first win may not come till October. They play Arizona, New England, and San Diego in a row after this week. Going out on a limb, I predict Miami 20, New York 17.

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