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Fire Wade Phillips

Wade Phillips happy loser Jerry Jones needs to fire Wade Phillips.  Today.  The Dallas Cowboys are undisciplined and lackluster, a perfect reflection of their head coach.

Phillips doesn’t mind losing. Lord knows, he’s had a lot of practice. He’s 0-for-career in winning playoff games as a head coach. When a 13 win team with 15 Pro Bowlers loses at home to a team it beat twice in the regular season, it’s fine. After all, they made it to the second round of the playoffs after a bye week. That counts as 14 wins!

When the team loses at home to a Washington Redskins squad with a depleted secondary, getting thoroughly outcoached along the way, it’s no biggee. Lots of season left! When the team nearly loses to the 0-5 Cincinnati Bengals, whose quarterback is playing hurt, “Everybody’s happy!”

This team is too talented to play this sloppy so often. They seem to be going through the motions. And relying on owner Jones to give them pep talks! Jean-Jacques Taylor says the Cowboys “need more fire from their head coach.” But Phillips simply doesn’t have any fire. And it’s not like he’s liable to get any at this point in his career.

[Phillips is] too defensive to go into detail about any of this team’s few flaws.

You don’t last 32 years in the NFL living off your daddy’s name. Phillips is a good coach, but you can’t deny this team has lost some of its edge under his leadership.

Championship teams are driven to perfection, though they understand it’s impossible to achieve. They bury bad teams like Cincinnati instead of nearly blowing a 17-0 lead at home.

Indeed.  You can bet Jimmy Johnson would be going nuts right now were he the coach.  Some poor performers would be turning in their playbook and he’d have had the team fired up.

That’s not Wades’ style.  It never was and never will be.

It’s time to replace him as head coach.  Jason Garrett’s young but he’s a motivator and disciplinarian.  Go ahead and move him up rather than waiting until after another disappointing playoff performance.

Make Wade the assistant head coach and put him in charge of fixing the underperforming defense.  That, we know he can do.

And, hey, we might as well get rid of Bruce Read and bring back Joe Avezzano while we’re at it.  The special teams need some fire, too.

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I can understand the sentiment.

But I think it’s a huge overreaction.

The Boys have had two mediocre games.

The Skins are looking great, and it went down to the last minute and an on-sides kick.

Cincy is 0-4, but they took the Giants to overtime in Palmer’s last game. Should Coughlin be fired? Of course not. The Boys didn’t put them away as soon as they should have, but they did put them away, and put up 31 points in the process.

Look, as a Boys fan I’m concerned that they haven’t looked as sharp as we expect them to be. We expect them to be great every game, and they’re not. But I’m not going to panic and jump off the ledge and call for the coaches firing just because we have two games where we look somewhat mediocre at times (though still explosive at times), one of which we win, the other which we lose by 2 points.

Hello, we’re 4-1 in the season! Oh, but fire Wade because you don’t like his personality! Yeah, that’s the ticket.

Posted by scott | October 11, 2008 | 11:35 pm | Permalink


I get what you’re saying. I’d just point out that the team collapsed in December (again!) last season before losing in the first round of the playoffs. Adding to that that Wade has NEVER won a playoff game as a head coach, I’m very, very concerned that all this talent is being wasted with him at the helm.

Posted by James Joyner | October 12, 2008 | 11:52 am | Permalink

Why do organizations hire head coaches who have zero success – such as Wade. I have been a fan for 30 years and this is disgraceful! Put Garret at head coach – he can’t do any worse. Everyone knows you can have the best player at every position but won’t win if you aren’t properly coached and playing as a team. This has nothing to do with Romo being injured – Romo doesn’t allow 30+ points on defense. Do the right thing Jerry – get a good coach – bring back Jimmy!

Posted by Brad Chandler | October 19, 2008 | 02:39 pm | Permalink

well, after the debacle against the Rams, I’m not sure I’m ready to jump on the fire Wade bandwagon just yet, but I’m a lot less ready to criticize those who are on the bandwagon!

Posted by scott | October 20, 2008 | 01:15 pm | Permalink

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