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Weekly Miami Dolphins prediction

The Dolphins(1-2) play host to the San Diego Chargers(2-2) this afternoon. Miami was off last week, but the week before saw the fins upset the heavily favored New England Patriots by the score of 38-13.

One of the keys to beating New England, was Miami’s use of trick plays. What’s been termed the ‘Wildcat’. It worked great against the Patriots, but San Diego will come prepared. San Diego should be 3-1 now not 2-2. A blown call by a ref costing the Chargers a win in week two. Miami isn’t turning over the ball, and their last game was impressive, but I’m still not convinced. My prediction- San Diego 28, Miami 17.

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Miami kills!!!!!!!

Posted by G.A.Phillips | October 5, 2008 | 06:19 pm | Permalink

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