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Racing greyhound electrocuted in ‘unfortunate accident’

The incident happened over a week ago but was only reported today.

A racing greyhound was killed last week in a freak accident at the Sanford Orlando Kennel Club in Longwood. The state Division of Pari-Mutuel Wagering confirmed Monday that it is investigating the death, but a spokeswoman for that agency would not give details because it is an ongoing investigation. It could take two weeks to a month to complete the investigation, said spokeswoman Alexis Antonacci. Mark Loewe, general manager at the track, said he has talked to state investigators and expects them to rule the animal’s death to be “an unfortunate accident.” That was the conclusion the track reached in its own internal investigation, he said. The dog was electrocuted in the 12th race of a 14-race matinee program Nov. 17. The final two races were canceled so that park employees could make sure there were no problems with the equipment, Loewe said. The dogs were racing on the track when one dog was bumped and slid under the inside rail, Loewe said. He touched the electrical source used to operate the lure that the dogs chase. He called it a “very rare case” and said he talked to workers who have been at the track for almost 40 years “and they can not remember anything like this.”

I’ve only been to the dog races once in my life but because of my father, been to the horse races many times. Some people consider these sports cruel. I don’t think either is, IMHO. What happened in Longwood was very unfortunate.

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