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Cleveland Browns fire coach Romeo Crennel

The reborn NFL team went 4-12 this year. From ESPN-

Barely into another massive rebuilding project, the Cleveland Browns have already moved to Plan B.

Plan A — or Plan Cowher — has been scrapped.

Browns owner Randy Lerner made his second major move of the offseason Monday by firing coach Romeo Crennel, who lost 40 games in four seasons, never made the playoffs and went 0-8 against Pittsburgh, the only full-time Cleveland coach to go winless against the archrival Steelers.

Crennel’s dismissal came less than 24 hours after Lerner fired general manager Phil Savage following a 31-0 loss in Pittsburgh.

The Browns, who began the season pegged as one of the NFL’s rising teams and ended it at 4-12 and in last place, began their offseason with a disheartening loss.

Cowher is already saying he isn’t interested in the Cleveland job. As for Crennel, he had a chance to turn around the pathetic Browns. He didn’t do it, and I see Cleveland as more than justified in deciding it was time to move on.

Note- Oddly Crennel’s name came up a year ago after the Miami Dolphins fired Cam Cameron.

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