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Close call- Miami Dolphins beat Kansas City 38-31 to go to 10-5

It was the fins version of the ice bowl. Supposedly the coldest game time temperature in franchise history(Does someone really keep stats on such nonsense?) and Miami needed a win to keep any realistic hope for the playoffs. The Dolphins won but it wasn’t pretty. In spite of the cold weather, they gave up almost 500(492) total yards of offense to KC, turned over the ball twice, and squandered an excellent scoring opportunity when they went for it on a 4th and 1 just before half-time. I have not seen a worse play call by Miami’s coaching staff all year. Sideline passes were dying in mid-air and you try throwing a leap ball to a tight end who’s caught one pass all year?

At half-time I swore Miami was going to lose. The score was already 28-24 and the Dolphin defense seemed unable to stop Kansas City. Fortunately Miami got the Chief attack under controlin the second half and staged a comeback. A win is a win, but yesterday’s was ugly and I still think as I’ve written before, that the Dolphin defense is too weak to take this team far in the playoffs if they make it in the first place.

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