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Florida Panthers beat Colorado for the first time ever at home

The final score yesterday was 3-0. If you wanted to get technical, Florida had beaten the Colorado franchise in a home game, but it was the team was still the Quebec Nordiques in 1994. In between 94 and 2008 Florida lost the regular season encounters in Florida between them and the Avalanche plus two Stanley Cup final games.

Highlights of last night’s game-

Tomas Vokoun stops all 23 shots on the way to his second shutout of the year.
Brett McLean scored his first goal of the season. It coming against his former team. Honestly I think Florida shoud dump McLean he gets too much play time in return for the scoring production he’s given Florida.

Florida is starting to make a believer of me. The win last night put them at 15-13-4, which is only 10th in the Eastern conference. Tampa Bay, Atlanta, and the New York Islanders are so stinking up the place that above .500 doesn’t cut it at the moment. But remember, Florida is 7-2-1 over their last 10 games and that came with vital players missing from the lineup.

It is still early to tell if Florida can make the playoffs for the first time in a decade. At the present moment, I think Panther fans have reason for hope.

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