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Former girlfriend sues Padres’ OF Brian Giles

She claims a beating she received from the MLB caused her to lose a baby. From the San Diego Union-Tribune-

Padres outfielder Brian Giles is being sued for more than $10 million by a former girlfriend who alleges he battered her while she was pregnant and caused her to suffer a miscarriage.

Giles, 37, has been advised by his agent, Joe Bick, not to comment on the matter.

“I have absolutely no comment,” Bick said.

Padres spokesman Warren Miller said the team was aware of the suit and declined further comment.

Plaintiff Cheri Olvera alleges in her complaint that she and Giles lived together since 2002 and became engaged around December 2005. However, the marriage never took place due to Giles’ violence toward her, the suit states.

A PDF file with the actual lawsuit can be read here. In it Ms. Olivera claims there are witnesses to four separate incidents.

If true, Giles is a low-life who deserves to be taken to the cleaners. There is nothing worse for a mother than to lose her child. I know, because my wife and I have our own personal losses.

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