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JJT Nails it Again (Dallas Cowboys)

I noted the other day over at my place that the DMN‘s Jean-Jaques Taylor hit the nail on the head in regards to the Cowboys’ disastrous season. He does so again in a column today regarding Wade Phillips’ claims that he is going to “change.” The whole piece is worth a read (if this is an issue that is of interest to you), but the last two paragraphs sum it up:

These days, though, Phillips wants you to believe he’s ready to embrace change. Frankly, the fact he’s willing to make substantial changes is the biggest indication that Jerry should’ve fired him.

It’s obvious the owner believes this team needs a different approach. It’s foolish to think Phillips can provide it.

Indeed. If Wade acknowledges that “change” is needed, what does that say about the way he has coached this team for the last two years?

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