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Miami Dolphins- In control of their playoff destiny

After going 1-15 last year, I find it incredible we’re talking the possibility of the playoffs this year. From the Palm Beach Post-

Yes, the team that was thinking only about winning its first game at this point last season now has a shot at winning the AFC East. If the Dolphins (7-5) were to win their final four games, they would win the division and go to the playoffs ahead of even the New England Patriots and the New York Jets.

A four-game sweep would mean a victory over the Jets in the regular-season finale at the Meadowlands. In that case, even if the Patriots and Jets won all of their other games, the Dolphins would win the division by a tiebreaker.

The conference has a 12-tier tiebreaker process that the Dolphins would win in the seventh step. Specifically, Miami would have beaten more teams in common – the Oakland Raiders and Denver Broncos – to eliminate the Jets. And they would have defeated more teams in the conference than the Patriots.

Miami has 4 games left this season, only one of which is played at home. Buffalo(In Toronto), San Francisco, Kansas City, NY Jets. Buffalo is 6-6 but banged up, KC and the 49ers stink this year but Miami against similar teams(Stl, Sea, Oak) won 3 games by a combined total of 8 pts, Bret Favre gets a shot at a Miami defense that gave up over 400 yards of passing to New England. I’ll stick to my recent prediction, the Dolphins won’t make the playoffs.

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