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Phoenix Coyotes’ Brian McGrattan agrees to enter NHL substance abuse program

He played in only 3 games during the 2008-09 NHL hockey season. From AP-

Phoenix Coyotes forward Brian McGrattan agreed to enter the substance abuse program administered by the NHL and union.

No specifics on his case were given Saturday in the announcement by the league and the NHL Players’ Association.

McGrattan will continue to draw his salary and benefits and will face no penalty as long as he complies with his treatment and follow-up care. The program’s doctors are Dave Lewis for the NHL and Brian Shaw for the NHLPA.

McGrattan, an enforcer, is in his third NHL season. He has appeared in just three games for the Coyotes, drawing 12 penalty minutes. He spent the past two seasons with Ottawa.

This is only like the second or third time I’ve heard of a NHL player with a drug problem. Admittedly, I didn’t following the sport heavily again till 2006. I sincerely hope Brian McGrattan takes this opportunity to get his life in order.

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Narcotic type drugs aren’t as prevalent as in other sports. Used to be that roids were the drug of choice for obvious reasons.

Beer is the usual substance of abuse…but 12 beers to a Canadian/Euro is just wettin’ the whistle.

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