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Tennessee Titan CB afraid of flying to Hawaii

Cortland Finnegan was just named to his first Pro Bowl which is played annually in Honolulu. From AP-

Tennessee Titans cornerback Cortland Finnegan is going to his first Pro Bowl. He just doesn’t know how he’ll get to Hawaii.

Problem is, he’s afraid of flying.

Finnegan says he’s thinking of taking a tranquilizer or something to help him through the flight. He says he’s really scared and actually has thought of traveling to Hawaii on a cruise ship.

How does this player get to Tennessee Titan home games? I suppose Finnegan could drive, and the 2008 Titan schedule would make that possible. The Titans played no west coast games this year, and their furthest road trips were to Kansas City and Baltimore.

Note- I do understand some people are afraid of flying. Finnegan’s case is just unusual.

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