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Indianapolis Colts name Jim Caldwell head coach

He replaces Tony Dungy who announced his retirement yesterday. From ESPN-

Jim Caldwell wants to build on Tony Dungy’s success, not be a carbon copy of his former boss.

Caldwell, 53, was introduced Tuesday by the Colts as Dungy’s replacement.

The move was not a surprise: The Colts announced their succession plan last year when Caldwell was elevated to associate head coach.

Caldwell has a four-year deal, but team owner Jim Irsay would not disclose the financial details other than to say it was competitive for a first-time NFL head coach.

Caldwell’s only prior head coaching experience came at Wake Forest, where he went 26-63 in eight seasons.

The Wake Forest record reminds me of another highly touted NFL assistant who coached college ball. How did Cam Cameron work out in Miami? We’ll have to see if Caldwell can beat that coach’s dismal rookie season as a coach.A year ago another NFL team hired a highly touted Offensive Coordinator to be head coach. Like Caldwell the coordinator had a unsuccessful stint as a College head coach. Who am I talking about? Cam Cameron who lasted one year at the helm of the Miami Dolphins.

Having a Peyton Manning or Dree Brees at QB can make a coach look extraordinary. We’ll have to see how Caldwell works out in Indianapolis.

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Jim Caldwell was not the offensive coordinator. That title belongs to the legendary Tom Moore.

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