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NFL- No Thanksgiving game or blackout rule changes for now

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell addressed these issues at a press conference yesterday.

The Detroit Lions’ Thanksgiving Day game is safe, at least for 2009. But NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell says that could change.

During a news conference Friday, Goodell said owners will discuss having other teams host Thanksgiving Day games “as we get later into the year.”

The Lions have hosted Thanksgiving Day games since 1934, but the club fought off a resolution to rotate the game among NFL teams in 1999.

Goodell also says the NFL won’t change its television blackout policy despite economic troubles nationwide and in cities like Detroit. Five of the Lions’ last six home games in 2008 weren’t televised locally because Ford Field didn’t sell out.

I have no problem with the Lions continuing to be a Thanksgiving tradition. Trivia time- When was the last time a Thanksgiving game was played that didn’t involve Detroit or Dallas, and what was the result. Check under the fold for the answer.

As for the blackout policy, the NFL should get its head out out of its arse. They are the only major sport that blacks out home games if they aren’t sold out. This policy should be deader than the dodo bird.

Trivia answer- Thanksgiving day 1977, Miami defeats St. Louis 55-14.

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Actually, that trivia question became OBE three years ago, as the NFL started airing a third game each Thanksgiving on its own NFL Network.

The Chiefs beat the Chiefs in 2006, the Colts beat the Falcons in 2007, and the Eagles beat the Cardinals in 2008.

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