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Denver Broncos Wide Receiver arrested for 4th time in 3 years

There are some athletes who will never learn. From AP-

Denver Broncos wide receiver Brandon Marshall was arrested in Atlanta on Sunday on a disorderly conduct charge stemming from a fight. His latest run-in with the law could result in a lengthy suspension from the NFL.

Marshall arrived at the jail at 5:50 a.m. on a disorderly conduct charge and was released five hours later after posting $300 bond, said Lt. Joseph, the supervisor at the Atlanta City Jail who declined to give his first name.


ESPN first reported Marshall’s latest arrest, his fourth since March 2006.

He was suspended for three games last season for repeatedly running afoul of the law — Marshall’s suspension stemmed from seven police-related incidents with his former girlfriend, Rasheedah Wately. But he had his punishment reduced to a single game when he pledged to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell that he would stay out of trouble.

Marshall, 24, now potentially faces a longer suspension to start the 2009 season, perhaps as much as eight games, which is the punishment other players have received for repeatedly getting into trouble off the field.

The league doesn’t require convictions for the commissioner to suspend a player.

Marshall is a good pass catcher when he holds onto the ball. He has a history of drops and fumbles. To me he looks like he is fumbling away his life also. A suspension might send a signal to Marshall to straighten up his life.

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