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Washington Redskins release DE Jason Taylor

This roster move comes a few days after the Redskins big free agent signing of Albert Haynesworth.

The Washington Redskins released defensive end Jason Taylor on Monday after the six-time All-Pro failed to accept a workout commitment.

According to a source, Taylor was asked by the Redskins to take part in 75 percent of their offseason workouts. That would have required him to be at the Redskins’ facility during eight of the 13 weeks of the offseason program, three days a week.

Family took precedence over the money.

With three children, Taylor, who has a home in the Miami area, opted not to agree to the workout provisions. The team was willing to keep his restructured salary at $8.5 million, but his desire to be with his family in the offseason was more important in his life.

For their part, the Redskins needed cap room for a six-year, $54 million contract signed last week by cornerback DeAngelo Hall.

As I noted in last week’s post, Washington will have to compensate elsewhere for the money they spent on Haynesworth. I remain skeptical about their being any improvement next year for one of the NFL’s most dysfunctional franchises. A 2nd round pick traded to the Miami Dolphins for one year of Taylor. That worked out real well.

Jason Taylor will find work with another NFL team.

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