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Detroit Lions release QB Drew Henson

It’s a tough time of the year for third string quarterbacks in the NFL. From ESPN-

Drew Henson was released Monday, two days after the Detroit Lions selected quarterback Matthew Stafford as the first overall pick in the NFL draft.

Henson and Drew Stanton were competing against Daunte Culpepper for the Lions quarterback job, but Henson and Stanton both struggled at the team’s pre-draft minicamp.

Henson, 29, may be running out of chances in his football career. The former Michigan quarterback opted to play baseball in 1998 and signed with the New York Yankees. He played eight games in the majors — three in 2002 and five in 2003 — and had one hit in 11 at-bats. He retired from baseball in 2003.

The Cowboys traded for his rights in 2004. Henson had only one start in seven games for the Cowboys.

He signed with the Minnesota Vikings in 2006, and joined the Lions in 2008. Henson threw two passes for the Lions last year, completing one, and had two fumbles.

That’s not the kind of stats you want when trying to stay employed in the NFL.

All snark aside, Henson looks to be out of chances in the NFL. The Lions were the worst team in the league and he couldn’t hold onto the clipboard job there. I will be surprised if he makes the in-season roster of another NFL team.

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