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NFL Draft 2009 Live Blog

The last couple of years, I’ve live-blogged the NFL draft.  With the draft starting three hours later and the Dallas Cowboys not having a pick until the 52nd spot owing to the Roy Williams trade, I just don’t have a pick-by-pick play-by-play in me this year.

Bill Jempty’s stepped in to do it for us this year.

I will blog on significant moves and post on Dallas’ picks.  Additionally, I’ll be doing commentary via Twitter @drjjoyner.  I’ll cut-and-paste my tweets into this post at some point for the sake of posterity.

UPDATE:  Day 1′s Tweets below.  I probably won’t do much today, just concentrating on Dallas Cowboys picks.
# @SI_PeterKing Any clue what the Cowboys are up to? How many 2nd day picks does one team need, anyway?

# Turns out Dallas TRADED the pick to Buffalo Bills, they didn’t pass.

# Dallas Cowboys PASS with the 51st pick!! WTF?!

# Well, Seattle just took Unger so I hereby predict Cowboys won’t #NFL #NFLDRAFT

# Dallas Cowboys finally going to pick in #NFL draft. DMN’s McMahon projects C Max Unger.

# OTB NFL Draft Live Blogging

# Browns are gonna pick! They take Alex Mack, C Cal with 21st pick. #NFL #NFLDRAFT

# Detroit Lions take Brandon Pedigrew, OKST TE, with pick they got from Dallas Cowboys in Roy Williams trade.

# ESPN wonders why not just rrade for Anquan Boldin

# Eagles taking Missouri WR Jeremy Macklin. #NFL #NFLDRAFT

# Eagles taking Missouri WR Jeremy Macklin. #NFL #NFLDRAFT

# Browns trade their pick — for the THIRD TIME . This time to Eagles. Hmm.

# @CTRaider I prefer to know ASAP, so fine by me. #nfl #nfldraft #espn

# Denver takes DE Robert Ayers of Tennessee with 18th pick.

# Bucs take QB Josh Freeman. They gave up a 6th to Cleveland to move up 2.

# Browns have traded AGAIN , sending pick to Bucs #NFLDRAFT

# Is it just me or is #NFLDRAFT much slower this year? Seems like it zipped along last year. Now, everyone’s taking full time.

# Chargers take Larry English LB Northern Illinois with 16th pick #NFLDRAFT #NFL

# Texans take USC LB Brian Cushing. Nice ponytail.

# Saints pick Malcolm Jenkins DB Ohio State #NFLDRAFT

# Redskins get Brian Oarkpo, DE Texas, who some picked to go as high as 2nd. Ironic, considering how desperate they were to be dumb.

# @owillis Yep. They got lucky — saved from making a dumb trade they got one of the best players in the draft by accident

# @yahoo_sports Nice of the Rams to buy him a ticket to Detroit!

# Knowshon Moreno RB Georgia to Denver Broncos with 12th pick.

# Broncos are on the phone with Knowshawn Moreno, the Georgia RB. I only saw him against Bama last year but wasn’t impressed.

# @steveclouthier Yup. Always some odd picks in the draft. Raiders tend to be repeat offenders.

# Bills take Penn State DE Aaron Maybin with 11th pick. Odd with Brian Orakpo still on the board.

# @steveclouthier I think it’s just his foot? But, yeah, injuries are something people worry about with a small guy at a speed position.

# 49ers pull trigger on Crabtree in 10th spot.

# @McGloogly #NFL Pretty much everyone’s confused by Raiders pick. But that’s Al Davis for you.

# 49ers appear about to draft Crabtree. Great value at this spot.

# BJ Raji goes to Green Bay Packers with 9th pick

# Bill Jempty is live blogging the #NFLDRAFT at

# Rumors Jags were going to trade pick but they grabbed OT Eugene Monroe of UVA. Hmm.

# @Steve_Schippert Yep. Davis should retire along with Madden

# @jryanlaw Yeah, not sharpest knife in the drawer. But OL can be knuckleheads and still dominate ala Larry Allen.

# Raiders take WR Darrius Heyward-Bey WTF? He’s apparently a speedster but considered a huge reach.

# Bengals take OT Andre Smith of Alabama. #NFL. I’m a Bama guy and Smith was a stud. Team fell apart in postseason with him.

# Trade deets: Jets send three players and 1st and 2nd picks for Browns pick/Sanchez. DE Kenyon Coleman, QB Brett Ratliff, S Abram Elam

# JETS trade up to get Sanchez.

# Rich Eisen also thinks trade going on

# Mort thinks Browns trade #5 pick and someone takes Sanchez

# Aaron Curry credits own hard work for success, dissing God.

# @technosailor First four teams have picked – no trades

# Seahawks take LB Aaron Curry. Can’t believe QB Matt Sanchez keeps falling — rumored trade haul must have been BS.

# NFL Draft Live Blogging: The last couple of years, I’ve live-blogged the NFL draft over at OTB Sports.  Wi..

# Thought Chiefs would trade down to someone in the Sanchez derby.

# #NFL #CHIEFS select Tyson Jackson, DE #LSU

# Smith credits God with his good fortune. Wonder why God hates all the other players so much?

# ESPN panel not happy

# #Rams draft T Jason Smith #Baylor #NFL

# Jason Smith is smiling. The Rams’ pick? #nfl

# Marshall Faulk is on par with Emmitt Smith as a broadcaster.

# #nfl draft underway. I’m guessing Lions pick Stafford.

# @technosailor I’ll try to Tweet trades. I’ve live blogged at OTB Sports last couple years but not up for it this year.

# @technosailor #nfldraft I’ll do what I can. Cowboys don’t pick until like 9 pm because of Roy Williams trade.

# RT @RedskinsInsider: RT KevinTerminella @RedskinsInsider What are the rules around trading an owner for a punter? #Skins #NFL #NFL draft

# RT @RyanGrotz: If you’re watching the #NFL Draft you gotta watch it on NFL Network. They don’t have enough sponsors so there not commerc …

# @radleybalko Heh. I don’t know what he’d be doing if not for ESPN and the draft.

# @radleybalko It’s great marketing. Also supply and demand — just not enough NFL to go around with 16 games and playoffs.

# Interestingly, James T. Kirk was a much better actor in his youth than later….

# On NFL Network, Brian Baldinger informs me that 49ers are hoping to improve team with draft. It’s insights like that that make me tune in.

# Is is just me or is waiting for an NBA playoff game to end so they can show the NFL draft rather odd?

# @SI_PeterKing: Love Goose’s top 100. Love his work, generally.

# @SI_PeterKing But doesn’t NFLPA rep existing players, not wannabes? Don’t vets outnumber rooks? Why aren’t the vets running the show?

# @jaycaruso : Peyton, Aikman, Elway, most of the greats started without other pieces. And you can’t give $40M to an OT.

# @technosailor More time for blather from Mel Kiper!

# @jaycaruso If they really think Stafford’s the guy, they have to go QB. It would seem like a smarter play to trade #22 for Brady Quinn.

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