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NFL Draft 2009 – Round 1 #5 – NY Jets by the way of Cleveland – QB Mark Sanchez

The Jets make a trade with the team whose head coach, Eric Mangini, just worked for them last season. With Bret Favre retired this time for good, NY takes the best quarterback on the board.

Jets trade their second round pick to Cleveland in addition to exchanging their #17 pick in the first round for Cleveland’s #5 pick. There were players exchanged also. I’ll update the post when I get the details.

ESPN writes- Sanchez doesn’t have as much arm strength or the same body of work as Matt Stafford, but on the other hand teams have fallen in love with his intangibles and arm accuracy during the off season. There?s a lot to like about his pocket presence and ability to elude the rush. We are concerned about rushing him into the starting lineup, but if any of this year?s quarterback prospects have the mental toughness to learn on the fly, Sanchez is the one.

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