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Not shut out- Atlanta drafts Miami Hurricane LB Spencer Atkins

College Football players being selected in the NFL draft has been a mainstay feature for two decades. Often multiple players would go in the first round. Not in 2009. Actually some speculated no Hurricane would get chosen. Atlanta bites the bullet in the 6th round with the #176 selection

ESPN writes-

Atkins lacks instincts and it’s going to take some major repetitions for him to catch on. He also has durability issues. However, he is a quick-twitched athlete who possesses above-average range.

Omar Kelly of the Sun-Sentinel twitters-

The streak ends, but at least the Hurricane got a draft pick in when LB Spencer Adkins was taken by the Falcons. Told U he’d be picked first

The Hurricanes have slumped for the last five years or so but not to the extent they fell off to in the early and mid 1970′s. I expect Miami to bounce back. Warm weather and a history of winning are strong enticements to any high school player to choose Miami for the school they want to play college football at.

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