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Redskins Fan Steals Cowboys Flag, Gets Whomped Upside Head

According to a song popular in my youth, it is inadvisable to tug on Superman’s cape, spit into the wind, pull the mask off that old Lone Ranger, and mess around with Jim. We might need to expand that list:

A man who grabbed a Dallas Cowboys flag from a car in downtown Washington [D.C.] was punched in the face yesterday, startling passersby in an area that is home to lawyers, lobbyists and expensive shops and restaurants.


One witness said she saw a “big tall man walk up to this guy and hit him across the head.” Then, she said, the tall man “got back in his car and drove off.” She said that the motorist “just hit the man and walked off” and that he picked up an object from the ground, which might have been the flag.

The man who was hit fell and struck his head on the sidewalk, she said. Ringed by the concerned and the curious, the man lay facedown on the pavement.” He was out cold for a good five minutes or so,” the witness said. Police said a man was taken from the scene for treatment of a bruised forehead.

Thus endeth the lesson.

via Tim MacMahon. Crossposted from OTB.

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