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San Diego Chargers draft WR Demetrius Byrd with the #224 selection

The reason this is interesting has to do with where Byrd is right now.

Former LSU receiver Demetrius Byrd’s condition was upgraded from critical to good on Friday, and he was moved out of the intensive care unit at a Miami hospital following a car accident Sunday.

“Demetrius Byrd is now listed in good condition,” Jackson Memorial Hospital spokesperson Lorraine Nelson told Gannett Louisiana on Friday. She added he was out of the ICU.

Byrd was injured in a one-car accident in his hometown of Miami on Friday. He played in the 2007 and 2008 seasons at LSU. Before the accident, he was expected to be selected between the fifth and seventh rounds on the second day of the NFL draft on Sunday.

The Chargers took a risk but how much is a seventh round pick really worth? It’s a good one to gamble with.

Get well Demetrius Byrd.

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