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Win at any cost- Chinese school accused of fraud at soccer tourney

I find it interesting that the a Chinese news agency reported this originally. From AP-

BEIJING — A Chinese high school team that won an international girl’s soccer tournament last week in Turkey had secretly bulked up its squad with players from the junior national team, the official Xinhua News Agency reported.

The team from Daping Junior High beat other high school squads from Turkey, Brazil, Sweden, and Italy in early round matches, before defeating a team from France in the semifinals and a German side in the final, Xinhua said.

While several of the junior national team players did attend Daping, the bulk of the team representing the school was made up of junior national team players who did not attend the school, according to the report issued late Thursday.

Maybe its time for a few sports organizations to issue a short term ban Chinese competitors. It would send a message that this cheating won’t be tolerated any longer.

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