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ESPN and the sports headline of the year

Would you believe- ‘Rumors- Emery* to eat cockroaches in Philly?’

That is not just sick sounding but what does it possibly have to do with this reporting by the Sports Leader?

Emery in at Philly, Giguere out in Anaheim?
Goalies are seemingly a-movin’ around.
So rumors, whispers and speculation abound.

Ray Emery’s Russian team confirms he might leave.
He’s off off to Philly to make Flyers fans believe.

No mention of disgusting insects there or in the Philly sports article that ESPN links to. So the what the hell is going on up at ESPN? Two months ago they were proclaiming Michelle Wie was playing in her first major championship. Is everyone running that website complete morons?

*- Ray Emery is a former NHL goalie who last played in the league for the Ottawa Senators.

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