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NFL WR Donte Stallworth to serve 30 days for DUI Manslaughter

Is life cheap? From AP-

Cleveland Browns wide receiver Donte’ Stallworth took full responsibility for killing a pedestrian while driving drunk in Florida and began serving a 30-day jail sentence Tuesday after he pleaded guilty to DUI manslaughter.

Stallworth also reached a confidential financial settlement to avoid a potential lawsuit from the family of 59-year-old Mario Reyes, according to Stallworth attorney Christopher Lyons. Reyes was struck and killed March 14 by Stallworth, who was driving his black 2005 Bentley after a night drinking at a swanky hotel bar.

Stallworth, 28, told Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Dennis Murphy that he hopes to get involved in drunken driving education programs.

“I accept full responsibility for this horrible tragedy,” said Stallworth, who was accompanied at the hearing by his parents, siblings and other supporters. “I will bear this burden for the rest of my life.”

Stallworth faced 15 years in prison. After his release from jail, Stallworth must serve two years of house arrest and spend eight years on probation.

Stallworth took a life, to me the sentence he got for the crime is really ridiculous. Even if the victim’s family agreed to it. People serve longer time in jail for penny ante stuff like angering a judge by not showing up for jury duty. When you compare stories like that and Stallworth’s, you can’t help think that the US justice system is either 1) Totally broken or 2) There is two different levels of justice in this country, depending on what a person does for socieity.

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