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NJ Devils Coach Brent Sutter resigns

He spent exactly two years in the job. From AP-

A homesick Brent Sutter resigned as coach of the New Jersey Devils after just two seasons, citing family reasons and scoffing at the idea that some may criticize him for leaving so soon.

“It might not be the right decision for some people and that’s fine,” Sutter said in a conference call from his home in Red Deer, Alberta. “I don’t look at it like I am quitting on anything. I threw two years of my life and made a big commitment 3,000 miles away from where my life was and tried to do everything I possibly could to accomplish a goal. So by me doing that my life has suffered in other areas, and those areas to me are bigger than the game.”

Sutter said the Devils’ crushing loss to the Carolina Hurricanes in Game 7 of their first-round Eastern Conference playoff series had nothing to do with his decision.

New Jersey, which won its seventh Atlantic Division title in 12 years this past spring, ended its season by giving up two goals in the final 80 seconds to lose 4-3 in late April.

The Devils season ended in disappointment, but honestly they had a heck of a year. Brodeur was injured for half the season and the team rode it out very well without their star Goalie. Many teams would have struggled in the same situation.

Homesickness as a reason to quit coaching(or politics). I never heard that one before. On the other hand, the arguably best known family in North American professional hockey has been known to be close knit.

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