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UCLA Tennis player Jeffrey Fleming in a coma after being punched

Is being in a hurry a good reason to potentially kill someone? From AP-

Police say a 20-year-old UCLA tennis player was in a coma after somebody punched him following a country music concert in Dallas.

Jeffrey Fleming of Newport Beach, Calif., was in a Dallas hospital Thursday, but his condition was not available.

He was attending a Rascal Flatts concert with friends Saturday night when an unknown man hit him. His family says he was sucker-punched as he was about to catch a taxi after the concert.

The blow knocked Fleming to the ground, where his head hit the parking lot concrete. The attacker and others ran away.

Bunch of cowards. Whoever threw the punch should have the book thrown at him. In the meantime pray for Mr. Fleming. He may have suffered a serious brain injury.

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