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Will Jim O’Connell of Associated Press please pick up the Black courtesy phone

Another golf writer gets a flunking grade when it comes to knowing the history of the sport.

From 1926 until 1965, the Open was played over three days with 36 holes contested on Sunday.

Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! The US Open’s final 36 holes used to be played on Saturday. A perfect example, and is considered one of golf’s great displays of sportsmanship, was the 1929 US Open. Al Espinosa and Bobby Jones were tied at the end of 72 toles and were to begin a 36 hole the next day. Jones agreed to a later tee time, so Espinosa could go to Sunday mass!

If O’Connell had any idea of what he was writing about, he’d know that story. Also if he bothered doing an internet search for moments in history for any particular year, and then cross checked them against a calender also online, he’d know that the US Open used to wrap up on Saturdays unless a playoff was involved.

Associated Press where Steve Elkington never won the 1995 PGA Championship, The Kemper Open was never played in North Carolina, Christina Kim never played in the ADT Championship or shot a 62 in a USGA Girls competition, and where pars are made into birdies at the State Farm Classic. They should really put a label on their golf reporting- We love revisionist history. Do you?

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