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Two Miami Dolphin Cornerbacks tested for the Swine Flu

The fins won their second game of the preseason but the most notable news of the day may have taken place off the field.

The Dolphins advised their players Saturday morning that two of their teammates would not attend Saturday night’s game out of fear that both contracted swine flu, but test results have not yet indicated whether such fears are warranted.

Cornerbacks Sean Smith and Jason Allen fell ill late last week, suffering from flu-like symptoms, which led to the team’s decision to treat the situation with extreme caution by telling the players to increase their hygiene practices.

“We’re taking all of the proper precautions until we can find out exactly what is going on,” coach Tony Sparano said.

Sparano said the team is still awaiting the test results, which aren’t expected until Monday at the earliest.

Healthy adults rarely have problems with the flu. It is the contagiousness of the disease, and the possibility Allen and Davis could pass directly or indirectly it to those who have weaker immune systems.

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