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WR Donte Stallworth suspended for entire 2009 NFL season

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell handed down his ruling this morning. Stallworth should be in jail right now. He was DUI and speeding when he struck and killed Mario Reyes last March 14th. The 30 day sentence given to Stallworth was a travesty of justice. You tell me if a regular middle class person would get such preferential treatment? No we wouldn’t, instead we would have our ass in a jail for well over a year and the time would be deserved. Oh yes Stallworth is serving house arrest for two years, but that’s a joke too. The Miami-Dade Judge recently ruled Stallworth could train outside his home. House arrest is turning into a joke, the court system in South Florida is a well known joke to most of the residents of the area. That includes myself.

Click here if you want to read the details of Stallworth’s suspension.

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