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Blacked-out NFL games to be available online

Of course there is a catch. From AP-

NFL fans whose local teams’ games are blacked out will be able to watch replays online for free — though not until after midnight.

The recession has left several teams in danger of having games blacked out this season. The league announced Thursday that home fans will be able to view the delayed broadcasts on for 72 hours, except during “Monday Night Football.”

A game is not aired in the home market if it does not sell out 72 hours in advance.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell says the league understands the economy is limiting some fans from buying as many tickets as they had in the past.

Anyone who wants to defend the NFL’s blackout policy, could say team owners are hard put too in this rough economic time. That is why they contiune to stick to their decades old blackout policy.

I think that’s a bunch of baloney. Other professional sports leagues don’t blackout home games and are able to be profitable. The NFL should wake up and enter the 21st century. Stop screwing your fans, both at their stadiums where food and drink are the most ridiculous of prices, and those who want to watch the games at home.

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