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Denver Bronco TE Richard Quinn arrested on domestic violence charges

Getting one’s self arrested isn’t a good way to build job security in the NFL for a rookie. From AP-

Denver Broncos rookie tight end Richard Quinn was required to spend the night in jail after being arrested on harassment and domestic violence charges.

The Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Department said Quinn was arrested early Monday afternoon after a woman called 911. The woman told deputies that her live-in boyfriend, Quinn, grabbed and shook her to the ground during an argument and grabbed the phone from her while she was trying to dial 911.

The 22-year-old woman told deputies that Quinn also grabbed her cell phone. She says she ran to another house in the suburban Denver neighborhood to call police.

Deputies say Quinn told them he grabbed the woman only after she started hitting him in the face, but had no visible marks on his face.

Quinn was ordered held overnight in jail without bond per Colorado law in domestic dispute cases. He was due in court Tuesday morning.

After his selection in the 2009 NFL Draft, Denver’s head coach touted Quinn as the type of football player he wanted playing for the Broncos. OTB Sports commenters feel free to be snarky.

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