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Fixing College Football

Alabama Va Tech FootballAlex Massie argues that college football is America’s greatest sport.  While I’m a huge fan, I personally prefer the NFL game.  Steven Taylor points out one reason why:  absurd mismatches scheduled to give big powers an easy win.  In Fixing College Football, I offer some suggestions on solving that problem.

Here are the conferences that matter:  ACC, Big Ten, Big 12, Pac-10, SEC.  Go ahead and throw the Big East in, too, if you want to pretend.  Those are the BCS conferences.

Let’s limit the national championship to schools playing in those conferences.  Let’s mandate that schools in those conferences schedule games only against other schools in those conferences.  And — here’s the exciting part — let’s take a page out of European soccer’s playbook a have a system where the lesser teams in those conferences get replaced by the best teams from outside.

I elaborate in some detail.

Meanwhile, Jon Stonger offers his 2009 NFL Preview and Big XII preview.

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