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Mad for Chad- Miami Dolphins beat NY Jets 31-27

What a night the second year NFL Quarterback making only his second start had tonight. 20 for 25 with 241 yards and two touchdown throws. Henne did not throw a interception.Dolphins-Jets

Miami may have finally found the person to replace Dan Marino. Henne has looked more than solid every game he has had the chance to play with the exception of the San Diego game where he replaced Chad Pennington.

Miami ran for over 150 yards. With Rickey Williams and Ronnie Brown sharing the load almost 50-50. The Wildcat offense earned 110 yards on 16 plays and scored two touchdowns. People call The Wildcat a gimmick. If so, why do NFL teams have so much trouble defensing it?

The Dolphin defense and special teams still look suspect. How many times does a team run two fake punts in a game? Miami’s pass defense is getting beat far too often. There’s some talented young players in the secondary, Sean Smith and Vontae Davis, but they are rookies and prone to mistakes as they learn the league.

A few other notes-

Chad Henne was 7 for 7 with 140 yards passing and two touchdowns when Miami used play action. For 10 years the Dolphins have been looking for the person to fill the shoes of Dan Marino. Is Henne it? He played great last night and showed great poise.

I spent most of the first half flipping channels between this game and the Florida Panther-Tampa Bay Lightning game, won by Tampa 3-2. The Panthers are 1-4, their worst start in franchise history.

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