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Serena Williams could be further punished for U.S. Open outburst

She has already been fined $10,000 by the WTA. From AP-

Serena Williams is likely to find out whether she will be further punished for her outburst at a line judge at the U.S. Open before the end of the year, WTA chief executive Stacey Allaster said on Saturday.

The Australian Open and Wimbledon champion was fined $10,000 for the verbal attack on the official during the semifinals at Flushing Meadow last month.

Williams still faces possible exclusion from future grand slam events after a further review by the Grand Slam Committee, which oversees the four major tournaments in tennis.

“First of all, I’d like to say I think Serena is a fantastic champion and a great person,” Allaster told reporters at the China Open.

“She has acknowledged the incident in New York as being a mistake, and something that she’s not proud of, and she’s apologized for that.

“That is under investigation, it is ongoing. … it would be safe to assume that they will make a decision before year-end.

In case you haven”t seen last month’s incident, here is the video.

As for what Stacey Allaster said, it was very vague. IMHO the WTA would be more than justified in giving Serena Williams a multi-tournament suspension. Her behavior towards the judge was a disgrace to the sport.

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