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Bobby Bowden’s Swan Song- Florida State may get Gator Bowl invite

This may not go over well with other ACC schools. From ESPN-

Although ACC officials have conceded that it is possible for Florida State to be chosen for the more prestigious Gator Bowl despite its 4-4 record in conference play, it’s not a done deal yet, as Saturday’s ACC championship game could throw a wrinkle into the Gator Bowl’s plans to matchup Florida State with West Virginia in Bobby Bowden’s final game.

4ACC and Gator Bowl officials are involved in discussions about how to interpret the ACC’s one-loss rule, and should Clemson lose the ACC championship game to Georgia Tech on Saturday, it could turn into a heated debate.

“If Georgia Tech wins this game,” ACC associate commissioner Michael Kelly said, “we don’t necessarily think they can take Florida State.”

One sure way that Florida State could sneak into the Gator Bowl ahead of teams with better records is if Clemson wins the ACC championship game and Virginia Tech is chosen by the Chick-fil-A Bowl. In that particular scenario, the Gator Bowl would be under no contractual obligation to select Georgia Tech, the ACC’s runner-up, and the remaining teams in the conference with the best records — Clemson and Virginia Tech at 6-2 — would both already have been chosen.

The Gator Bowl is required to select the runner-up at least once during the four-year contract cycle, and it fulfilled that obligation in 2006, when it chose Georgia Tech. The one-loss rule would mean that the Gator Bowl could select from the remaining 5-3 and 4-4 teams, therefore making Florida State a viable option.

Notwithstanding that this will be Bowden’s last game, FSU has no business being either in top or mid level bowl. The Seminoles went 6-6 this year. Of their wins, 4 were only by a field goal. Jacksonville State gave the Seminoles a fight more the final score of 19-9 indicates.

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