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Bronx Cheer- Fordham fires Basketball Coach Dereck Whittenburg

The Rams were 1-4 so far this year. From AP-

The signs were pointing to another losing basketball season at Fordham so coach Dereck Whittenburg was fired just five games into his seventh season.

The player known for taking one of the most famous shots in NCAA tournament history wasn’t able to match that type of success at Fordham. Whittenburg compiled a 69-112 record, including 1-4 this season.

“There was a lot of people who thought we should make a change last spring and they rode me pretty hard,” athletic director Frank McLaughlin said Thursday. “I felt that with the strong recruiting class we had coming in, and with the right support, things could turn around. We had a favorable schedule. … We should be better than 1-4 and we felt a change had to be made.”

McLaughlin said Jared Grasso, an assistant on Whittenburg’s staff the last four seasons, will take over for the remainder of the season.

Fordham went 3-25 last year. McLaughlin said “From a purely basketball standpoint it was not a difficult decision. The record speaks for itself.” I agree, a change was justified.

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