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Time for the fat lady to sing?- Houston beats Miami 27-20

Were Dolphin fans singing ‘Next season, next season, we’ll be back next season. Next season is a year away’ as they exited Dolphins Stadium* today? From AP-

By the second quarter, the Houston Texans were running up the score. By the fourth quarter, they were struggling to run out the clock.Mia-Hou

Houston raced to an early 27-point lead Sunday, then held on to beat the Miami Dolphins 27-20.

The Texans (8-7) scored on their first five possessions and won despite being outscored 20-0 in the final 31 minutes. Houston kept alive its slim hopes of making the playoffs for the first time, while defending AFC East champion Miami (7-8) was all but eliminated.

What do you mean? Could Miami some how still qualify for the post season. With all those teams with 7 losses in the AFC, I can see how in theory the Dolphins could have a glimmer of hope. Record aside, Miami isn’t a playoff quality football team at present.

The Texans dominated the first 25 minutes of football today. Houston was ahead 27-0 and I saw the game ending something like 41 or 44-10.

Miami clawed their way back into the game. Early in the 4th Quarter, Chad Henne hit Ted Ginn for like a 60 yard touchdown pass to make it a 10-point game. Then a penalty flag for tripping, brought the ball back. After that, I was reconciled to a Miami loss and that was what happened.

Houston continues to have the Dolphins number. Miami has lost all five times the two teams have met. It is too early to tell if the Texans and Dolphins will meet again next year. If they do, I’m inclined to mark it as a Miami defeat right now.

*- I refuse to call the Miami Dolphins home stadium by it’s official and very dumb name. The good news, there will be a name change very soon. Bad News- The company buying name rights to Dolphins Stadium is based out of Canada.

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