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New Jersey Nets ban gambling on team plane

The new policy is a result of the Gilbert Arenas incident, From AP-

All bets are off on the New Jersey Nets’ team plane.

A team spokesman confirms the Nets have decided to ban gambling on their flights, not long after it apparently led to the locker room incident involving Gilbert Arenas and his guns.

The ban was first reported by The New York Times, which said players were informed Wednesday. Team president Rod Thorn told the newspaper that the Nets have never had a problem with gambling, but “obviously, you can see what can happen.”

It’s well known NBA players gamble when they fly. Will a ban prevent an Arenas incident? I see what happened there as a breakdown, but not one due to gambling. How many people failed to note Arenas bringing guns into the arena? Security, Washington Wizard management etc. If these people don’t do their jobs, gun incidents can happen no matter what the underlying issue happens to be.

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