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LPGA Tour Pollyanna- NY Times Golf writer Larry Dorman

For those of you who don’t know what a Pollyanna is, it is a person who is blindly or excessively optimistic.

That’s how Dorman sounds in an article written a few days ago-

The L.P.G.A. enters 2010 with a strong hand.

A strong hand? There’s only 24 tournaments, one of which is totally TBA event(The South Korea event) and another on a one-year deal(Jamie Farr). There is only 23 certain events this year, the lowest on tour in almost 40 years and right now for 2011 could even dip even lower.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not as pessimistic about the LPGA’s future as I was when Carolyn Bivens was Commissioner. Right now I’m taking a wait and see stance with new Commissioner Michael Whan. I don’t see how he CAN’T be improvement on Bivens. That is good news for the LPGA.

Dorman is making Pollyanna sound like Chicken Little.

The NY Times writer isn’t done either.

the four-year domination of Lorena Ochoa is now challenged by a strong Korean contingent led by Jiyai Shin. After a long wait, Michelle Wie has emerged as a legitimate contender.

Wie can contend for #1 at this stage? Absolutely not. About 5th on tour, yes. She isn’t going to climb over Ochoa, Tseng, Choi, Creamer, Kerr, and not to mention Shin at this stage. A few of them? For sure. All? NO! Could Wie do it in another few years? It’s a possibility.

Someone please adjust Dorman’s meds aka Happy pills.

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