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Toronto Blue Jays Edwin Encarnacion burns face in firework mishap

A error prone 3rd baseman coming off a injury and his worst ever season, isn’t helping his career with off the field mishaps and attitude problems. From ESPN-

Toronto Blue Jays infielder Edwin Encarnacion was released Saturday from a Miami hospital after being treated for minor facial injuries caused by fireworks during the New Year’s festivities in his native Dominican Republic.

Encarnacion suffered first- and second-degree burns in the forehead and the right side of his face when a rocket firecracker hit him in the jaw and exploded near his mouth while celebrating with family in his home of La Romana.

“Thank God everything is OK with my face. I don’t have any fractures or serious injuries and I won’t need any kind of surgery,” Encarnacion told on the phone while leaving Jackson Memorial Hospital.

According to Encarnacion, one of his brothers lit a rocket firecracker and instead of flying upwards it moved laterally, hitting Encarnacion.

“The doctors say that I’ll have to spend one week out of the sun, but that I’ll be able to work out without any problems in two weeks,” Encarnacion said.

That’s good to hear. Personally, I lost interest in firecrackers as I got older. My wife, who was born in the Philippines, enjoys those things. Probably the one and only area I’m more grown up than she is.

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