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Vancouver Canuck Alexandre Burrows says referee deliberately targeted him

Update- NHL says they will investigate the allegations made below.

Just last week he made news for scoring a hat trick in consecutive games. From AP-

Vancouver forward Alexandre Burrows got a 10-minute misconduct for telling referee Stephane Auger what he thought of him late in Monday night’s 3-2 loss to Nashville.

Burrows could be facing punishment from the NHL after sharing his opinion with the media after the game, including accusations Auger targeted him and promised to get revenge.

Burrows scored twice, but was in the penalty box for a second time when Nashville’s Shea Weber scored the game-winner with 4:03 to play.

He said Auger approached him before the game and told him he was going to get him back for embellishing a Dec. 8 hit in Nashville that left Burrows crumpled on the ice, and resulted in Predators forward Jerred Smithson receiving a 5-minute major penalty for charging.

“It was personal,” Burrows said. “It started in warm up before the anthem. The ref came over to me and said I made him look bad in Nashville on the Smithson hit. He said he was going to get me back tonight and he did his job in the third.”

While I don’t know if it happened in this instance, I do think professional sporting referees and umpires will retaliate against players. Do you think these people are above certain human acts?

Burrows will be fined, maybe even suspended. Nothing will publicly happen to Auger. It will come down to a matter of he said, he said. Also the NHL even if they can prove the penalty is deliberate, wouldn’t want that bit of information to become known to fans. It would put the league in a bad light.

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