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Boomeranged- Miami makes a waiver mistake on LB Joey Porter

Porter, who is in Coach Sparano’s dog house at present, was being let go due to salary cap considerations. From the Miami Herald-

The Miami Dolphins did Friday what many figured they would do even before Joey Porter made a mini-campaign for it last week — they released the outside linebacker with two years left on his contract.

Then, Porter boomeranged back onto the Dolphins’ roster.

“The release of Joey Porter was determined to be an invalid termination,” the Dolphins said in a statement. “Therefore at this time, Porter reverts back to the Miami Dolphins roster.”

Releasing Porter now accelerates certain contract monies against the 2009 salary cap and the Dolphins don’t have enough room for that acceleration. They have to hold on to Porter until March 5. Which means, unless they trade him before then, Porter will get his $1 million roster bonus due March 1.

I get a good laugh out of this. Miami can’t even waive a player properly. How will they do NFL draft time? The team has had just two Pro Bowl 1st rounders in the last 15 years. Wide Receiver Chris Chambers and OT Jake Long.

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