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Detroit Lions coach Jim Schwartz says drafting QB not out of the question

What are they drinking in Motown right now? From the Detroit Free Press-

The Lions need a third quarterback on their roster and, more important, a dependable backup for Matthew Stafford.

Signing a veteran to compete with Drew Stanton for that role would seem to make the most sense, but coach Jim Schwartz said drafting a quarterback is not out of the question.

“You can take that first-round draft pick off, but maybe at some time in the draft a quarterback makes sense,” Schwartz told reporters Friday. “That’s happened a bunch of different times. You’re sitting saying, ‘Hey, look, this makes sense right here.’ I don’t think we’ve gone into (the off-season) saying, ‘This is exactly how we’re going to fill that.’ What you do is you just weigh every option that comes up. When one makes sense, you pull the trigger on it and right now we’re still weighing our options.”

Schwartz doesn’t like to paint himself into corners or to speak in absolutes. He never says never and was not dismayed at the prospect of developing a young QB.

The coach not wanting to speak in absolutes does explain the matter. As things stand, Detroit needs help all over their squad and backup quarterback has to rank pretty low priority wise. Offensively, Guard, Wide Receiver, and Running back are where the Lions need help. All those first round WR draft picks(Charlie Rogers, Mike Williams most notably) of theirs in the Matt Millen days didn’t work out too well.

Update- Detroit acquired QB Shaun Hill from San Francisco. The Lions won’t be spending a draft pick on a Quarterback now.

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