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NCAA denies Oregon State Quarterback’s appeal for sixth year of eligibility

So one play equals a full season? From the Corvallis Gazette-Times-

Former Oregon State quarterback Lyle Moevao’s appeal for a sixth year of eligibility was denied by the NCAA on Thursday.

Moevao missed all but one pass play last season, and some of his junior year, due to shoulder and ankle injuries.

He hoped for a sixth year because he lost so much time, but it was a long shot.

“It’s disappointing for the most part in the final decison,” Moeavo said. “At the same time I have to go on and figure out what I’m going to do in my future.”

Sixth years are rarely granted. Athletes must miss two full seasons out of the possible five to circumstances they can’t control. The intent of the rule is to give them an opportunity to play four seasons.

Moevao was healthy for almost four seasons, and had the opportunity to play during four of his five seasons. That was the reason the NCAA cited for denial.

Before coming to OSU, Moevao played one year of Community College ball.

I shake my head at many NCAA rulings including this one. Hard and set rules can hurt innocent individuals and this is just one such case where the use common sense would have been a wiser choice. How many cases are there of players wanting a 6th year?

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